by Ross Jenkins

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Re-issuing the 'ROSCOE EP' with more tracks and more art as: EP+.

Watch for physical copies of the release soon as well!


released November 18, 2013

Written and performed by Ross Jenkins

Recorded at Cloud City by Connor McGuire (who also played some drums)

Art by Adam De Souza (who also played some bass)



all rights reserved


Ross Jenkins Vancouver, British Columbia

Ross Jenkins is a songwriter from Vancouver, B.C.

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Track Name: They're Real Now
in europe
in pottsdamn
while i blacked out
to a bad band on the night

you're in congress
with your bags checked
and theres noone
who can check your facts on time
on time


was it shortlived
like the session
where your laws changed
as you wrote them down for us

are you patient
are you good willed
are you willing
are you still so 'fearful youth'?
cause me too


and i still screen your calls
if you call me at all

and the flickered theater lights
and the horrors that we fight

they're real now
Track Name: Voyager
you asked me a question
a seeming unsupposed one
you asked where im getting off
and wondering
and thinking maybe quietly
well i could slip away from
the crowds

i did crimes for you
when you asked me to
all i ever got was a reminder
all i ever got out was a lifeline

and pondering
and thinking about the lines again
where i said "i wont change" but i
meant "I wont compromise"

and wondering
and thinking if the time was right
well i could slip away from
the crowds
Track Name: Those Old Shapes
I needed a change
from this sad grey shape, of a world
when I got on the plane
I could see the shapes reoccur

and watch the fog roll in
on the breath of myths come alive
and we get back in our skin
and we step outside, face the riots

(Im seeing those old shapes again)

you got there first
so we sat for a while, and conversed
when the crowds arrived
you slip outside with a smile

(and im seeing those old shapes again)
Track Name: Summer Blonde
the view from the dashboard was
so unnattained, so unaquainted
the view from the skyline looks on
the city below, the busses move slow
and you are all i think about

(I dont want to be known, by you)

the pressure advances from
the recessive lines of questions of mine
on how did it come to
this thesis is named, but im at a loss for

lives of those, that go on unllived and
nights of mine, that go with a drink and
coastal omens calling to me
and i know....
Track Name: Feudal Days
in a darker age
in the feudal days
gone were my rights
just for not giving life
to a ghost

like an animal
this isn't so radical
its known and erased
by the weakened of frame
and diseased


if you grip your seat
if you say it loud
no relief can be found
in a book passed around and redone

you're gonna have to make a choice
do you listen to a masters voice?
Track Name: Body and Soul
the gathering breeze
the blue summer eve
and something that i keep to myself
as you come to me
all draped in white sheet
and i can hardly stay awake
but im right here

the precipice dawn
the lingering gods
the breathin and the simple refrains
the distanter moon
is split between two
but i just want your will intact
but im right here


and green summer days
you pull at the rays
and im still trying to figure it out
the presence upon
whatever rooms gone
and which ones only feel oblique

i just want your body and soul
i just want your body and soul
Track Name: Western
well ive said too much
so meet me at the shotgun sunset
flash the lights and all
and pass out on the ride home

i feel you slipping out and into the night
passed out gripped out on the sights of life

well im a patient man
but i wont stand for ignorance or
wasting all your time
working for everybody else